Greetings Stretch Studio Yogis,

January 2019

It comes with great sadness to announce that Stretch Studio will be closing on January 31, 2019.

As many of you are aware, Stretch has been struggling financially since the doors opened in May 2014. Resources have always been limited in our ability to gain and retain clientele. We tried to make changes to keep the business going like closing the juice bar; however, we also experienced the loss of our dear friend, Ary, who handled the back-end paperwork and customer outreach – both of which had a major impact on the overall operations and resiliency of the business.

Over the years our owner, Rebecca, passionately tried to carry on, with the majority of the funds coming from the paycheck of her day-job. Unfortunately, she has encountered some critical personal circumstances that require her full attention (her boyfriend has been diagnosed with an advanced-stage cancer) and can no longer devote the time or personal financial resources to Stretch.

Although Stretch will no longer be running out of our current space on a retail-basis, we will continue to keep the spirit alive by hosting events in the area and developing new yoga offerings virtually. Be sure to check our website for these new opportunities. Private yoga sessions will also be available.

To each and every yoga client – we hope that you can reflect on the difference we may have made in your life – and know that you have made a difference on ours.

Should you have questions about your package, please email the studio at

We appreciate your support and look forward to meeting again. Love and light,
Stretch Studio

"Stop in and see what we have to offer. We think there’s something here (or planned to be here) for everyone. This place was built for you. Come and enjoy it."